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Ript Revenge


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Ript Revenge Card Game- 2-4 Players

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Ript Revenge Rules

  1. Deal out 3 cards to each player/team at the beginning of the round. These cards make up each player’s hand.

  2. Look at the Play Text on the card to see when each card can be played.

  3. All players can play one card per hole and have one card played on them per hole.

  4. When a card is played the Card Action is carried out. The played card goes to the bottom of the game deck.

  5. Players are competing for skins or cards on each hole. The player with the lowest score on a hole wins a skin and everyone else gets a card. If no one wins the hole outright, then the skin/card value is carried over and added to the next hole. For example, if three holes in a row are played without a winner, the fourth hole is worth 4 skins for the winner and 4 cards for each losing player (giving them ammunition to get revenge!)

  6. The hand limit is 7 cards. Any player with more than 7 cards at any time must play or discard down to 7 cards. Discarded cards go to the bottom of the game deck.

  7. All other disc golf rules apply. At the end of the round, the player with the most skins (after any card modifiers) is the winner!


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